Is this a Puppet I see before me?

Published by Brian on August 7th, 2011

Puppets are magical stand-ins for ourselves, our thoughts, our passions.  So they enable our self-expression.   Puppets then make our inner selves the center of attention without the outer self even being seen.

In truth, even if you are being seen, the puppet grabs all the attention.  The more you practice, the more pronounced is this phenomenon.  You then lose yourself in playing the part, making others laugh, teaching, reaching, caring.

Self expression is one of a few important,  if not the most important, facets of living.  So long as it does not create an egocentricity.  Puppets, by their nature, then give us the best without creating the worst.

So often, we hear from parents of children on the autism spectrum who are astounded by their child’s abilities with a puppet.  The child will play with others through the puppet for unusual lengths of time.  Because the contact is through the puppet, there is no pain of eye contact, but there is much room for the child’s thoughts and feelings to come through.

As therapists know,  a puppet is non-threatening unless made to be for therapeutic reasons.  The patient can say anything to a puppet, a patient can say anything through a puppet.   If there are no consequences to the patient’s puppet, that puppet can confess anything the patient may think or feel without reprisal.  It is then safe to be one’s self through this avatar.

Many puppets go to Ministries, for the captive audience, rapt in attention to the puppets, is receiving the message.

In educational situations, puppets give rise to the long and the short story engram.  Stories are the best way to persuade, whether in sales meetings, in the boardroom or in the classroom.  They are how we absorb the best, we understand the best, remember the best.

When turned loose to students, with the supposition that the students must promise to treat the puppets with respect, the puppets can enable the students to create stories themselves.

Puppets facilitate performance.  Performance is a very important skill to be in the set that all people should possess.  With good performance skills, you can communicate effectively in many situations.

In short, puppets are one of the greatest tools ever created for improving the human condition.